NTG Nordic A/S is a successful transport company which was established in 2011. Primarily through organic growth and with the purchase of Itella Logistics in 2015, the company is one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the Nordic countries.

NTG Nordic A/S is part of Nordic Transport Group A/S, which offers a wide range of transport services to/from around the world.

The ownership is divided between the employees and Nordic Transport Group A/S. This gives a good balance and a firm commitment from everyone in the group. Our aim is to operate land-based transport solutions providing high quality and reliability.

It’s easy and simple to be one of our customers. You get a small group of contact personnel who focus 100% on your goods, and who will ensure that you get through the decision-making processes quickly and easily.

We live with tight deadlines and work with scheduled delivery times every single day, so we are used to reacting quickly. We only focus on your transport, and therefore our personal service and the speed of our response to you is what is most important. We see ourselves as a trustworthy business partner and we aim for long customer relationships.