Together we make a formidable team

More than 30 Danish and European transport companies are currently part of NTG Group and more are joining all the time. The companies in the group cooperate via a partnership agreement which gives each company the best opportunity to run and develop their own business. The Group shares common resources and competences such as IT support and administrative systems. This improves the daily working arrangements for each company, and our customers get a consistently-high quality of service, no matter which company within the group they are dealing with.

The ownership of each company in the group is divided between the group and the employees. Nordic Transport Group A/S owns 51%, and the employees in each individual company own 49%. This structure makes it very attractive both to work for a company within NTG Group and to enter into partnership with the Group. Therefore we have some of the most skilled employees in the transport business as well as partnerships with the most dynamic and well-run companies in the business – all to the benefit of our customers.