Your transports to and from Finland will be in safe hands with us.

We have experienced specialists who will secure a quick transit, easy communication and outstanding flexibility.

We have departures for Finland every single day and your consignment will always be in the charge of our drivers, to give you optimal security for your goods.

It will primarily be the same driver who manages the whole journey; that is to secure that the time schedule is maintained and also to give extra security in guarding your goods.

Good communication is essential, and here our multi-lingual employees in Køge are a major component in securing a clear dialogue with our customers.

We have reserved ferry spaces on most ferry lines to/from Finland to secure that we can always maintain our transit times for our customers.

Every day we have many trailers in Finland and we can offer daily departures between Finland and

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • The Baltic countries

Booking from DK-Zealand & Sweden to Finland:

Booking from Finland to DK-Zealand, Sweden, Norway:

Booking from DK-Jutland to Finland / From Finland to DK-Jutland:

Booking from Finland to Baltic countries: