7 March 2024

Strejke i Finland

Vi er blevet informerat omkring potentiel strejke i perioden från måndag 11.03.2024 kl. 06.00 fram till Mandag 25.03.2024 kl. 06.00 08.04.2024 kl. 06.00. Strejken vedr. Finske fagforening AKT for Finske […]

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7 February 2022

Mobility package surcharge from 14/02-2022

Dear clients, As mentioned in our last briefing regarding EU´s mobility package, we´re forced to introduce a mobility package surcharge valid as of February 14th 2022: Baltic States 5% Finland […]

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25 January 2022

EU mobility package 2022

EU mobility package 2022 The mobility package decided by the EU, has been taken to secure a common set of rules in the transport sector across Europe and will have […]

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