NTG Nordic A/S and our environmental policy

Leading companies, large and small, are searching for ways to go green and must work together to reduce emissions.
We all want our planet to remain for coming generations. Sustainability is the key element to preserve ecology of the world, and we work hard to make our business as sustainable, as we possibly can. This takes not only devoted work from our employees, but also following actions:

  • We pay environmental taxes in some of the countries, that we operate in
  • We are providing a still growing numbers of environmental reports
  • We are investing in “green” vehicles, powered by electricity, hydrogen and HVO
  • We are maintaining and developing our ISO14001
  • Environmental fees for driving through various cities in Europe
  • Marpol fee from the ferry companies
  • Claims from authorities in regards of work station equipment for the employees
  • Investment in energy efficient light in warehouses and offices
  • Investment in digitalized IT that secures the best dispo of the trucks which means less empty km and less CO2 emissions
  • Environmental management system certification and maintenance of the same.

We do hope and believe that all above mentioned actions will make a difference.