Standard Terms & Conditions

Liability Provisions NTG Nordic A/S is liable as carrier according to the CMR-Law (Int. Road Freight Act)

All offers are submitted without obligation.

All services rendered are subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). As contracting party cf. § 3 B the conditions limit the freight forwarder’s liability for loss of, deterioration of, or damage to goods to SDR 8.33 per kilo and for delay to the amount of the freight, and for all other loss to SDR 100,000 in respect of each assignment (§ 21).

For storage, the total liability is limited to SDR 500,000 for damage occurring in the same occasion (§ 25). Special attention is directed to the network clause (§ 2); claims against the freight forwarder are statute-barred after one year (§ 28); and the lien on goods (§ 14) applies to both current and previous claims. Freight charges etc. has to be honoured independently to the terms of delivery of the trade agreement.

The specified delivery and transit times are for guidance only according to NSAB2015 (§7). Agreement with time guarantee is performed only by separate written accept and loss in case of delay can at maximum constitute the freight amount (NSAB2015 §21B). At receipt of goods, visible loss or damage has to be noted immediately to the waybill. At non-visible loss or damage, reservation has to be done in writing to NTG Nordic A/S within 7 workdays after delivery.

Offsetting is not allowed in NTG Nordic A/S freight or other charges.

Freight calculation rules for volume shipments: 1 cbm = 333 kg * Nordic: 1 flm = 1850 kg * 1 EUR-pallet = 740 kg / 0,4 flm. Dangerous goods is only processed after prior agreement. According to law, the consignor at booking at the latest, has to declare the ADR goods with correct UN no., class, packing group, technical specification, bridge code and kg/l of the goods.     Insufficient or incorrect details, documents, packing and/or marking absolve NTG Nordic A/S for liability for any eventual damage and/or demands incurred.


NTG Nordic A/S does not offer exchange of EUR-pallets. This applies to all international markets.

Cash on delivery (COD): Is only collected when confirmed by special SEPARAT written instruction to NTG Nordic A/S. Mentioning of this in the sales invoice has no jurisdiction as an instruction (NSAB 2015 §5).

Reservation The prerequisite for the offer is free and unobstructed traffic and is valid – unless otherwise specifically mentioned – for normal and non-dangerous goods, who is able to be transported by means of normal vehicles. Temperature controlled transports needs to be agreed preceding agreement.

Basis is the tariffs and currency exchange rates from the date of the offer. In case of change in tariffs and currency fluctuations, significant raise in our production costs as well as in cases of public interference, the right to regulate this offer is reserved.

Unless otherwise stipulated the following applies:

For shipments to/from not brittle islands, increased transit times as well as freight costs must be expected. The rates are not applicable for temperature controlled transports as well as transport of high taxed/value goods and dangerous goods, unless this is specifically mentioned in the offer.

Rates are without VAT, tax, customs clearance as well as Intrastat.

Cargo insurance can be subscribed at your written request through NTG Nordic A/S at an approved insurance company.

Tail lift delivery for shipments exceeding 1500 kg, 0,8 flm, 5 cbm or 2 pll’s is excluded the current rates and will be invoiced according to expenses.