Each day we cross Sweden with several hundred trailers. We are always in direct contact with our customers, with the recipients of goods and with our drivers to secure full up-to-date information.

We load all types of goods – from half-pallets to whole vehicle-loads – to and from the whole of Sweden.

99% of all consignments to Sweden are taken directly from the customer to the destination point, which secures you a faster and safer delivery. If a lift is needed at the pick-up and/or delivery point then of course we’ll find a solution to that also.

After many years working in the Swedish market we have built a huge network and we usually have direct contact with both the sender and the receiver. This means that we often collect/deliver outside normal opening hours, that we have dedicated stand trailers for particular customers or that we make other special solutions.

We always have vehicles covering most of Sweden and we offer daily transports between Sweden and

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • as well as deliveries within Sweden (only full-loads)

Please contact our team about your next dispatch.

From Sweden to Denmark, Sweden to Norway, Sweden domestic: bookingimport@ntgnordic.com
From DK-Zealand to Sweden: bookingexport@ntgnordic.com
From DK-Jutland to Sweden: bookingwest@ntgnordic.com
From DK-Zealand & Sweden to Finland: finlandexport@ntgnordic.com
From Finland to DK-Zealand, Sweden & Norway: finlandimport@ntgnordic.com
From DK-Zealand & Skåne to Norway / From Norway to DK-Zealand, Sweden & Finland: bookingnorway@ntgnordic.com