7 March 2024

Strike in Finland

We are being informed about potential strike situation in Finland taking place from Monday 11.03.2024 at 06.00 to Monday 25.03.2024 at 06.00 08.04.2024 at 06.00 The strike concern Finnish the […]

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7 February 2022

Mobility package surcharge from 14/02-2022

Dear clients, As mentioned in our last briefing regarding EU´s mobility package, we´re forced to introduce a mobility package surcharge valid as of February 14th 2022: Baltic States 5% Finland […]

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25 January 2022

EU mobility package 2022

EU mobility package 2022 The mobility package decided by the EU, has been taken to secure a common set of rules in the transport sector across Europe and will have […]

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1 April 2021

NTG Nordic A/S and our environmental policy

Leading companies, large and small, are searching for ways to go green and must work together to reduce emissions. We all want our planet to remain for coming generations. Sustainability […]

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